Multi-engine Services Offered

Multi-Engine Training|Private/Commercial rating

(add on)

Multi-Engine rating in Sparta, Michigan. The airport used is 8D4-Sparta Airport. The Multi-Engine rating can be added on to a private or commercial rating.

Accelerated Multi-Engine Rating course includes:

  • Up to 10 hours of training/10 hrs on aircraft, includes instrument training – if you are current
  • individual ground school with instructor
  • Pre-post flight briefing
  • Multi-Engine plane for 1.2 hour check ride
  • Multi-Engine course study material will be mailed to you prior to your arrival.

Cost $3600 + Examiner’s Fee 

  • Local FAA examiner’s fee is extra ($600). All arrangements for your check ride will be made for you.
  • Multi-engine instructor ratings $2900- 15 hours PIC required for MEI


  • Private or commercial license
  • Current Medical

Multi-Engine Instructor (add on) rating also available for $2900 (note: 15 hours multi PIC required for MEI)

To Get Started:

  • Call 616-405-2307 or email Jason Binkowski to schedule your Multi-Engine training.
  • Weekdays/weekends are available.
  • Plan on 3-7 days to be in the area.
  • Read Multi-Engine study course material that will be mailed to you.
  • Verify weather conditions with Jason Binkowski prior to your arrival.
  • Come to Grand Rapids

Hourly Rental Rates

  • $265/hr wet
  • $7-/hr instruction for recurrent training and BFR’s
  • 20hr blocks are available at $245/hr

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