Multi-Engine Aircraft

The Twin Comanche is a very capable aircraft used for multi-engine training, time building, and cross country flights. IFR certified and has a Garmin 530 GPS, dual coms, and fuel flow indicators.  Enjoy 165kn cruise with the safety of that second engine. And its only a 3 HOUR REQUIREMENT or as needed for our checkout as well as renters insurance.

**Renters insurance must include $75K in hull coverage

Multiengine Services Offered

-Cruise speed: 165kn TAS @ 8000ft
-Fuel endurance of upwards of 6 hours with full tanks (90 gallons)
-Carry four passengers with ease!

Rental check-out
3 Hours dual instruction from a twin comanche flyers MEI is required for the check-out  to demonstrate proficiency in multi-engine operations and the PA-30’s general systems/characteristics. This usually includes ground and flight covering:
-Multi and single engine maneuvers
-Takeoffs and landings
-Single engine approach (required)
-Emergency operations
-Systems, limitations, and performance
-Other areas as necessary